It’s YOU vs. YOU

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m skinny can I even benefit from your services?


YES! No matter your physical size or stature anyone can benefit GREATLY from JSM FITNESS. Being skinny doesn't equate to being fit. Skinny people who don't exercise regularly are prone to having low fitness levels, low muscle tone and decreased endurance (Livestrong). You can get fit, however, by following some general fitness and health tips to help you get stronger and in better shape. CHECK out my HealthyFit Guides

section for my recommended meal plans and workout routines. 

Do I have to workout every day to lose weight?


NO! But I do recommend exercising or doing some type of physical activity at least 3-4x/week to see more beneficial results. Your body needs at least 1-2 days a week to rest and recover. Without rest days in between, you’re not allowing your body time to recover, repair and grow stronger between workouts.

Do you only drink smoothies for 7 days?


JSM FITNESS 7 DAY SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE is a 7 day smoothie guide that also comes with a meal plan. This guide is a great way to help anyone who wants lose weight and jumpstart their health and fitness journey. My clients have lost up to at least 12lbs in 7 days. So, NO! You won’t only be consuming smoothies :) Also, because this comes with a meal plan you aren’t losing weight “too quickly” and you won‘t be left with gaining all the weight back that you do lose. These smoothies are particularly created based on each day of necessary consumption for BETTER RESULTS! Some may think ”well I can make my own smoothies why do I need this guide”. I’ve spent trial after trial trying and creating the RIGHT smoothie ingredients for weight loss . You won’t regret purchasing my guide! I promise. Visit my HealthyFit Guides section for more information on pricing.